Individual therapy
Couples therapy
Family therapy
Child therapy

Anxiety and Panic
Traumatic reactions - both episodic and developmental
Insecurity and Fearfulness
Dissociative dynamics
Problems with Alcohol and Drug use and Addiction
Grief and Loss
Stress resulting from medical conditions and surgeries
Relational patterns
Peak Performance

Sessions with adults and couples are generally 90 minutes. Children are usually 60 minutes.
I find that the greater time to process helps the work to be more efficient.

Consultation and Training - "Natural Processing Trainings"

Case Consultation - individual and group; in person using a Zoom platform, with recordings available

Training Workshops and on-going Practicum Groups in Process-Oriented Somatic Therapy, using EMDR

You can find detailed desc ription s of five 4-day trainings, reviews, learning objectives, CE information, fees and registration at . These trainings are both dydactic and experiential, with practicum sessions and personalized feedback daily.

Part One, "Integrating Somatic Psychotherapy with the EMDR Therapy" is an intensive 4-day training for psychotherapists who have completed basic EMDR training.
Part Two is a 4-day training that builds on the fundamentals of Part One, addressing developmental trauma, attachment challenges, and going further into working with subtle dissociation.

Part Three is an advanced training that explores the nuances of identifying processes of disconnection and overwhelm that are problematic, therapists' pressures, and shame.

Part Four addresses working with insecurities and fears, borderline dynamics, addiction dynamics, and considerations for effective pacing.

Part Five explores obsessive compulsive dynamics, physical pain, and depressive dynamics.

Our online school has recorded trainings on specialty topics, with CE credits, and recorded sessions -